Saturday, 25 July 2009

And then there were 4

Miia has insisted that I apolgise for not updating the blog with details of her Friday - so sorry. Actually not much happened other than a couple of walks across the fields - I hope she isn't getting bored ;-)

If she had been then things certainly picked up for her today with the arrival of Arianrhod Kalakukko (aka Kukko), a rather stunning neutered male black tri - a product of Jennifer's Keskyo - probably the largest Lappy I have ever seen - but what a boy. He is with us for a week whilst his owner is at a conference in the Peak district and, at the time of writing, he has certainly made himself at home.
After Kukko arrived this morning, and after Lou's return from Tescos, we all headed out for a walk across the fields - a perfect opportunity for Kukko to integrate with Kiva and Mylo and for Jill, his owner, to see where he would be spending his walks. It was a lovely walk - Kukko and Miia spent much of it chasing each other, and Kiva, across the fields whilst Mylo decided to go walabout again - resulting in him spending much of the walk on lead - silly boy.
Kukko and Miia have struck up an amazing friendship - Mylo just tolerates them whilst Kiva is an ever eager playmate for them - I think Kukko will enjoy his stay and Miia enjoy the extra company of her new beau.

Lappy days


Jennifer Simmons said...

Thanks for the pics which I will not hesitate to steal, as discussed ;-)

I had heard that Kukko was big, but surely not bigger than Tuukka???

Simon said...

As big if not bigger - 25kgs and 3" taller than Mylo

Louise said...

Jen, you know how men exaggerate when it comes to size ;) I think he's easily as tall as Tuukka, slimline but am assuming he's not yet fully filled out yet?

Jennifer Simmons said...

LOL. I've really gotta see this boy!