Saturday, 15 August 2009

Four For Two

No, not a football formation but a pretty good title to describe the next 2 weeks at D2S when we again have 4 Lappies. The resident dogs, Kiva (who now has her passport ready for her 2010 mating) and Mylo (who has broken the 19kg barrier - over 5kgs lost in 15 weeks) have been joined by Smilla and Susi once more.

Though still a bundle of energy 5 month old Susi has matured considerably since her last stay with us - she even goes outside to wee now :-), I think Smilla is happy to be back - she and Mylo spend much of the day together - I can remember well when they first met, enamoured with each other would be a fair description, not much has changed.

As always videos and pictures, along with regular updates will follow.

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