Friday, 12 February 2010

And then there were four

My last post made mention of Oskar's visits - Oscar being the rather gorgeous cream male. I have always hankered after a cream Lapphund and if our personal circumstances had been different we might have able to take a breeder up on her offer to have Glenchess Jaakarhu (Polar Bear) come join our pack. As things transpired Jaakarhu (Jaaka for short) has gone to live with Taavi (a previous guest at Dogs to Stay) in Herts - I get the impression that they (Taavi and Jaaka) are rather pleased with the arrangement.

Jaaka's hufamily are off to somewhere warm for half term meaning that he and Taavi have come to stay so I get my cream male after all, well for a week or so anyway. On arrival, and after the first manic 5 minutes as the 4 dogs reacquainted themselves with each other, we took them for a walk across the fields - nice walk, nice scenery, nice conversation, well behaved dogs - bloody muddy underfoot :-(

I have a feeling that I will be doing quite a bit of dog and floor cleaning over the next week.

At 4 months Jaaka is still a puppy but I have yet to see a more confident little dog - he quickly made himself at home finding the toy box and sussing out how the dog flap worked, something that a couple of our older and regular visitors have yet to achieve ;-)

In the afternoon we took the 4 dogs into town - Louise's hairdresser is a bit of a Mylo fan (the girl has taste) but, having seen a photograph of Jaaka and Taavi was also keen to see dogs of the other colourways - you know what hairdressers and hair colourants are like - so off we went, 4 dogs in a Jeep.

Walking through any town centre with a Lapphund is always an experience, with 2 even more so, but with 4, now that was something memorable - we lost count of the number of times people said "all you need now is a sled" and "look at those Huskies" - memo to those that are NOT in the know "They're not Huskie
s - they're Finnish Lapphunds". Entering the hairdressers was an experience too - 4 happy lappies and loads of hands to stroke them.

Once home it was time to get the dogs fed and settled for the evening. I think that what follows says it all:

Taavi and Kiva have become an item

OK half pint - the starfish is mine

Lappy Days indeed

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Alison said...

Very funny!! Great to hear the boys have settled in and Jaaka has made himself at home :o) Enjoy the week, we will do our best to do so.... Alison x