Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's OK - we still have 4 ....

Taavi and Jaaka adopt the compulsory Dogs to Stay pose

After yesterday's rather lengthy entry I'll try to keep things brief:

It's 8.00pm, the dogs are chilled having all enjoyed their supper, yes even Taavi (the worlds most fickle eater). Fortunately the day was dry meaning that we were able to walk the dogs and get them home without having to towel them dry (and clean) before having them join us in the lounge. The only downside of the walk was trying to prize Mylo's jaws apart to rescue the pigeon he had brought home with him - the pigeon was fine though Mylo was a tad annoyed with us.

As I write they are again chilled - though they have changed places - Jaaka has become one of the pack, he is most definitely not afraid of standing up for himself and he and Mylo have had a couple of rough and tumbles over his toys and Mylo's bones.

Taavi is slowly getting used to the fact that there are doors at Dogs to Stay, he doesn't like them closed and lets us know with a semi-audible whine, and Jaaka has decided that going through the dog-flap into the yard for a wee is actually more fun then peeing where, and when, ever he feels like it.

I really must learn to type quicker - the dogs are having a mad half hour, Jaaka making himself heard, Taavi "loving" Kiva, Kiva trying to ignore Taavi and chase Jaaka and Mylo ..... watching it all go on from the sofa.

Hopefully tonight will pass as peacefully as the last 2 - the dogs sleeping in the kitchen (well I assume that they're sleeping) and only stirring when the cats use the front door cat flap or when the paper is delivered. Tomorrow, if the weather is anything like to today's, may well see us take the pack to the local reservoir for a walk - after that it's me in front of the TV, Italy v England and Spurs v Bolton, before enjoying our Sunday (late) lunch - I'm sure that the dogs will enjoy theirs too.

Talking of enjoying things here are some more pictures from Dogs to Stay:

Kiva asleep in front of the fire - very un-lapphund like (unless your name is Kiva)

Mylo, Taavi and Jaaka watch the world, well the birds, go by

Dog tired (sorry about the dirty floor)

Nuff said really ;-)

Lappy days indeed

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