Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Running the Gaunlet

Always an interesting time - however today we managed to complete it with nary a bark or a lunge despite the distraction of Tinkerbell (damn stupid name for a dog, sorry, rat that barks, if you ask me).  The secret, ha, all will be told upon Sal's hupeeps return.

We did off-lead in Church's field; Sally and Kiva running along together Mylo, how seems to have had a personality transplant, happy to walk along beside me.

On the way home we managed to find and take home a lost dog - Sally being most agreeable and even enjoyed a quite, yes quite, chat with Lulu and her owner.

Not much else to report - Sally sleeps, Sally eats, Sally jumps up onto the sofa - Sally sleeps, Sally roots around in the toy basket, Sally chews on a bone, LOUDLY, Sally sleeps, Sally washes herself VERY LOUDLY.

Hope all is well in the land of far-far away.

Lappy days

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