Thursday, 9 April 2009

If it can go wrong .... it will

Don't panic - the dogs are fine; it's just the washing machine and central heating boiler that have decided to give up the ghost so my time has been spent trying to sort them out - alas to no avail which is a bit of a bugger because the sun seems to have disappeared and it's a tad chilly.

The dogs continue to be a pleasure - having 3 now seems the norm and I am sure that we, including Mylo and Kiva will miss Taavi when he goes home. They really do get on well - Mylo loves having a boy to play with and since Taavi has been here he has seemed to returned to puppyhood. Taavi continues to hang on to Mylo's tail whenever possible or, if Mylo manages to free himself, Taavi grabs hold of his mane.

Kiva too enjoys Taavi's company.

Louise has gone of to Holland for a few days and as a result I am home alone with 3 Lappies - a dream come true - though having to share a 3 seater sofa with the 3 of them was a bit of a crush (no pictures of this - I just couldn't get up, get the camera and take a picture of myself sitting down without disturbing the dogs).

Taavi is such a well behaved dog - he has obviously had a lot of time and attention paid to his training and is a credit to his hufamily. He has picked up a couple of bad (maybe good) habits though - including picking up a stuffed toy whenever someone comes into the kitchen :-) and taking the bedding from the kennel into the garden :-(

Lappy days.

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Alison Asplin said...

hello from galapagos! Having a fantastic time here. Great to see all the photos of the dogs, they all seem so contented. Off on a boat for seven days tomorrow so not sure we will have internet access again so big lappy hugs to everyone(and an extra one for Taavi)
Alison, Mike, and the girls. xxxxx