Thursday, 28 May 2009

Obi the Klingon and his invisible poo

Chilled is not an adequate description of how the dogs have been today - I think they are still recovering from their awayday.

I almost had to drag them out for their main walk today however once we were out and about they soon got into their stride - normally in 3 different directions. Obi decided to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the village churchyard to do the necessary and when I, being a responsible dog owner, went to clean up after him was somewhat concerned about his invisible poo. As he walked ahead I realised that he was suffering with the male Lappy problem caused by the length of their coat at their rear - Obi would need a wash when we got home.

The walk was lovely, yesterday's rain had made the grass lush and the 3 of them enjoyed themselves running through the meadow.

On our return home Obi allowed himself to be washed - I wish Mylo could be so accommodating when he suffers with the same problem - and then lay down with his rear legs spread apart behind him so the sun could dry him off.

Earlier this evening Obi helped himself to one of the many bones in the dogs toy box and has spent the past couple of hours gnawing away on it with Mylo watching enviously - I think Obi might be taking that bone home with him on Saturday.

Lappy days

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