Friday, 18 September 2009

Happy Lappies

Sally, our guest Labrador, left us on Tuesday afternoon when she was collected by her hudad. I think she was pleased to see him (though not as pleased as he was to see her) - certainly her tail seemed to wag more vigorously than normal (if that were possible).

As a result we are now just 3, Kiva and Mylo along with guest dog Kukko - certainly walks are a lot easier; 3 dogs are considerably easier to manage than 4, especially when one of the 4 was a 35kg cat chasing one.

It's interesting to note how the dynamics between the dogs has changed. Kiva and Kukko seem to be playing with eachother even more - the times when Mylo and Kukko play are a joy to watch, top dog is not an issue during these moments of fun.

With Sally now gone we have been able to identify which dog it has been that has been reminding us that it's 7.00 and time to get up; just to remind you - Kiva and Mylo NEVER make a noise until we have shown ourselves ;-).

On Thursday I took the 3 dogs out for the day to visit a Lapphund breeder friend - an opportunity for the dogs to make new friends and enjoy the countryside - Kukko is SUCH a good traveller - he even jumps into the back of the Jeep - something I wish that Kiva and Mylo might have learnt from.

Kukko seems to be enjoying his new diet - he may well have lost a little weight - though he is still a little bugger when it comes to wanting to see what food might have been left on the kitchen work surfaces :-).

The dogs are just about to enjoy (I hope) their morning constitutional - I hope to be able to add some more pictures later on today.

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Jill said...

Looking forward to getting you back home tomorrow Kukko. I hope life here won't be too dull for you after all the fun and games at Dogs to Stay. Jill