Saturday, 1 May 2010

For a Short While 6 But Now Back to 5

After a day spent being walked around the village by the pack of 5 I had to nip out to collect Zomba, our next visitor.  Zomba is with us for a couple of nights whilst his family move from Leicester to Milton Keynes - we're located about mid way so we are a convenient place for fellow Lappy Zomba to stay.

Introducing a 6th dog into the pack was an interesting experience; Fat Sal was blase - well she is a labrador, however Ismo and Keksi were not impressed.  Perhaps having spent the past week with us they were upset that another Lappy  might upset the dynamics - however after keeping a close eye on everyone they soon integrated and behaved themselves.

Sally left us about 10.00 and after her departure there was space for the 5 Lappies to relax.

Those of you who are on facebook may well have seen these pictures already - I will post some others later.  The image below, however, is one that had to be posted again - Mylo who liked the expensive bed that we bought him so much that he tore it up has a habit of claiming the beds that our guests dogs bring for himself - I don't know if he spent all night in it but he was there when we came down this morning.

We have just returned from our 1st walk of the day - 5 happy Lappies - exercised, fed and now chilling, well apart from Zomba and Keksi who seem to have become an item.

Lappy days

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