Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Secret of Scrabble's Unbroken Night

will remain a secret ... suffice to say that it worked again last night.  As a result we almost overslept which would have been embarrassing as Fat Sal was due to arrive for the weekend at 8.00.

Fortunately we were up in good time,  just as well really as Phil was early delivering Sal.  No matter, all is well and, following breakfast, the pack are now well settled.  Smuu to the right of my chair, Tuukka on his bed, Sal on the sofa (no change there), Scrabble busy emptying the toy box, Kiva in the kitchen and Mylo in his kennel..... all is calm at Dogs to Stay.

Sadly yesterday's blue skies and sunshine have gone, it's grey, damp and miserable - hopefully it will have brightened up by the time the dogs get their first walk.

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