Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Another Day Another Lapphund – well actually 2.

With Christmas behind us we can begin to look forward to a new year – helping us fill the time between now and 2011 is a houseful of dogs.
Millie, the cockerpoo, who arrived in the 2nd week of December has made herself at home and has been busy ingratiating herself with all of our visitors and most people that she meets whilst we are out walking.  She is a bundle of energy and has been constantly playing with Rosie, Kiva and sometimes even Mylo.

Millie eyes up Wheeto's bone whilst Mylo watches on

Rosie – Mylo’s half sister who joined us just before Christmas now prefers sleeping upstairs rather than on her own in the kitchen – thought it is a little unnerving to feel a wet nose nudging me in the neck in the middle of the night encouraging me to reach down and stroke her.

Ilo – another of Mylo’s half sisters (same dad, different mum) is with us for a few days with Mary, her humum.  They arrived on Tuesday, the day that the snow started to melt away meaning no long walks across crunchy snow, we had to make do with treks across muddy fields.

Yesterday Wheeto, Kiva’s nephew, arrived for a 2 week stay.  He has been to us before but this is the first time that I have seen him as a fully grown male – and what a handsome chap he is.  Unlike his last visit he is also very calm – though he does like to play with Mylo, in, on, around and even under the coffee table and Millie, whom he knows from home as they are walking buddies in London.  Last time Wheeto was with us he slept in the kitchen in his crate - last night he decided that he wanted to be treated the same as Rosie, we could hardly say no - this is his holiday after all.

Sadly all of the snow has now gone meaning that the roads and lanes around us are wet and dirty and the fields muddy - does that stop us?  Does it heck - it just means that when we get home that the dogs have to be dried off and left to play in the yard for an hour before crashing out in the lounge and kitchen.

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Sue said...

Thanks Simon - good to catch up, especially with the time difference. Wandering where you and Lou get to sit?!