Friday, 17 December 2010

Let it Snow

But preferably not until I get home (see below).

Millie has made herself at home and thinks that she is top dog, that Mylo and Kiva know otherwise is besides the point - Millie thinks she's top dog so in Millie's mind she is, Kiva is there for Millie to play with - Mylo is there for Millie to lie next to, Kiva is also there for Millie to lie next to.
Fire Dogs
The observant among you might notice the decorations above the fireplace - yup, you guessed it, Dogs to Stay is now ready for Christmas.  Millie was a great help with dressing the tree - OK, she wasn't a great help but she did like playing with the baubles.
Millie and Mylo
(it only looks as though they are on the sofa)

Oh - Millie has worked out how the dog flap works - it's only taken her a week but now she can let her self into, and back from, the dog run whenever she chooses - and she does choose to a lot!!

Ah - now the snow bit
We had a sprinkling of snow yesterday and the Jeep this morning was still covered.  After warming it up and clearing the snow, and ice, from it I set out to collect our next guest.  Rosie, who has been with us several times before, is Mylo's 1/2 sister (same dad, different mum) and she is to be with us until early January as her hupeeps are off to Australia (can someone please explain why the owners of our guests are all going to the southern hemisphere whilst we are in the middle of winter?).
The journey to the collection point was no trouble, 18 miles in 25 minutes,  Rosie happily got into the Jeep and we headed home.  Five miles before we reached home it started to snow - within 10 minutes traffic had slowed to a crawl and it was becoming difficult to seeI decided to leave the main road that I was on thinking it best to avoid traffic and travel along quieter roads - all went well until I hit the last stretch - a couple of miles from home and on joining a main road the traffic ground to a halt.  Cars, vans and trucks had brought the A361 to a halt - the last thing I wanted to do was to get stuck in the snow for a couple of hours - cue 'cunning cross country plan'.
Shifting into low ratio I negotiated by way past the stranded traffic to what, to those not in the know, appeared like a farm track, well it was a farm track but one that led one across country and almost homeI'm sure that the stranded motorists thought I was mad but knowing that the track was a fully maintained, and little used, road I felt confident that I could get through the ever thickening snow.  Had I met any oncoming traffic things might have been different but as it was my cross country route eventually got me home safe and sound where I was greeted by the pack - cue play in the snow in the garden;

Millie in the obligatory Dogs to Stay pose

Rosie enjoying the snow (she is still there an hour later)

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