Sunday, 12 December 2010

Easy - Just Like a Sunday Morning.

Millie is the first guest at Dogs to Stay that has been fully crate trained in that she happily goes into her crate at bedtime and doesn't make a sound until she hears people up and around in the morning.  To be honest I didn't think that she would be as good as she is in that she allowed us the luxury of a bit of a lie in this morning.
As a result our day began at 9.00 - Millie, Sally, Kiva and Mylo were let out into the frost covered garden to do the necessary before being given their breakfast - and yes, Millie does eat it straight away now.
Yesterday Lou went of to a dog show for the day leaving me (in peace) for the day with the 4 dogs - we enjoyed a couple of nice walks in the slush, black dogs get just as dirty as one's that aren't, they just don't look it, so much of the day was spent cleaning the dogs and kitchen floor.
On Lou's return it was a case of all of the dogs settling down in their favourite spots, Sally either on one of the sofas or in front of the fire (unlit last evening but I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise), Millie on, or next to, Lou's lap, Kiva lying on her back wherever she fancied and Mylo in his kennel. 
Millie has quickly become part of the pack - she loves playing with Kiva and seems besotted with Mylo.  I think we might take her to the pub in a bit.
Lappy days.

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