Sunday, 4 April 2010

No Rain - it Can't be a Bank Holiday Surely

It's Easter Sunday - we have enjoyed 2 walks, and it hasn't rained !! Now that must be a Bank Holiday weekend record. As result the dogs have been able to enjoy the whole garden as opposed to just the all weather areas - and boy have they enjoyed it.

Sadly Zack has gone home - he'll be back though in May, it might not be the same though as Wheeto will have taken his vet bed back home and Zack did get rather attached to it.

In Zack's absence Wheeto has had to encourage Mylo and Kiva to play with him - Mylo kindly obliged - I think Wheeto might be regretting it though because Mylo is somewhat older, wiser and more experienced at playing with puppies than Zack - Wheeto is now shattered.

Sunday being Sunday the dogs were fed their very own Sunday Roast - Lamb being the order of the day, and rather nice it was too, the dogs agreed.

All is quite at the moment, Mylo lying at my feet, Kiva in the kitchen and Wheeto, after a couple of amusing sliding off incidents is under the coffee table.

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liz mowatt said...

Just looking at your top pic of Kiva, Zack and Wheeto and wondering just how many times I must have kissed the tops of their heads when they were bubbas:))