Thursday, 4 December 2008

Just a quick one ...

Well two actually ...

I'm not sure if Smuu and Sisko were familiar with stuffed cow's hooves before their visit - well they are now. Though somewhat bemused when first presented with them they soon took the lead from Kiva and Mylo.

Now, how does one stroke 4 dogs with just one pair of hands? We just enjoyed a fuss fest here prompted by Smuu giving one of her, now customary "touch me, touch me" yelps - never one to miss a stroke in bounded Kiva who promptly put her paw on my stroking arm - next to arrive was Sisko (now much more at home) complete with a hoof in her mouth - I could just about manage the 3 of them, alternating between them so as to give them all some attention. Last and by no means least came Mylo who decided it would be fun to sit on Sisko - what fun .

Smuu, next to me at the desk - no change there then - looking up at me with those "stroke me" eyes of hers.

And then of course; along came Kiva

Actually I better make that 3 - a quick panic call from Lou from the bathroom - Sam, our 14lb black tom cat had just decided to jump on the side of the bath - a bad move for Sam as he fell in, normally nothing to panic about except, yes you guessed it, Lou was in the bath - nothing like a wet pussy they say

Lappy days

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