Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Smilla's flying visit

On Saturday and Sunday December 13th/14th we had the pleasure of Smilla's company. This brown tri bitch is slightly younger than Kiva but is already a familiar face as she is a regular on the mass lappy walks we enjoy. Mylo was somewhat taken by her when they first met and did his best to make her his bitch - no worries this time as Mylo is now a nutless wonder.

As is the norm when our 2 meet a guest, the first 15 minutes were pretty manic - hey they're kids - let them play. Once some degree of calmness had been established the 3 dogs were taken for a walk - much to the amazement of some of our neighbours who had, up 'till then, not seen a dog with such colouring and markings.

The evening and night was relaxed, the hierarchy had been established and the dogs knew where they stood, or sat, or lay.

Morning came, the dogs had been quiet, though they greeted us like long lost friends - well at least 'till breakfast was served. Next came their morning walk - through the village, down to the sports field and back. As we walked past a field of sheep strange grunting noises could be heard - now sheep don't grunt, well at least I didn't think they did - Smilla seemed a little interested (we don't think she has been "up close and personal" with sheep before). Now this was to be no ordinary walk as Mylo discovered a new girlfriend.

The grunting sheep turned out to be a Pot Bellied Pig - a sow that appeared to be as enamoured with Mylo as he was with her - she followed us as far as she could and waited patiently for our return - at the 5 bar gate she and Mylo had a little chat (or seemed to - with Mylo almost talking to her) whilst Smilla looked on in wonderment. If you are reading this Mary - please, no witty comments!!!

Our arrival back home saw all of the dogs relaxed, Smilla sleeping next to Kiva and Mylo in his kennel, probably dreaming of his pig.

24 hours after she arrived Smilla was collected by Graham - she will be missed but is due back in the New Year.

Lappy Days

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