Saturday, 6 December 2008

Saturday afternoon

Below is our standard Dogs to Stay gallery shot, this time with Sisko (rear) and Smuu at the gate to the lawn.

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some glorious countryside and some great neighbours who do not object to us walking the dogs across their fields - 5 acres of secure (well almost) meadow is a great place to exercise the dogs.

Ooops, I have just realised how bald I am getting ....

Time to head back ...

Via the pub of course and Mylo's favourite table

Well, that's probably it for Smuu and Sisko's blog (unless something remarkable happens this evening; cat sleeps on top of dog, dog sleeps on top of cat, etc.).

Tomorrow sees us head south for a monthly mass lappy walk and to hand Smuu and Sisko back to their owners - I think they have enjoyed their stay with us - we have had no angst, no escapes, no accidents (apart from mine that is) and our guests have been totally relaxed. A job well done I think.

Lappy days

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