Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sisko Takes Control

Morning Mum - this is Sisko, I have managed to get access to one of these magic boxes so I thought I would say hello.

Everything is good here, though I do miss you and the rest of my hufamily and Tuuka & Zinty. I am being looked after really well, lots of walks, regular meals and company, but it's not the same company. I don't think Smuu misses anyone at all as she follows Simon around like a love struck teenager - I hope she's OK because she hardly barks at all - not like Mylo he barks a lot !!!

I am begining to warm to the 2 small black furry things, at first I thought they were Zinty, but now I realise they are cats - one of them, Lucky, lets me sniff her bottom, the other, Sam, lets me see his claws (I don't think he likes dogs that much, but he does lie on the sofa next to me sometimes).

Today we are going for a walk and later Simon is going to take Smuu and I to a place called Chaventry - he said he would leave Kiva and Mylo here .

Ooops - time to go, I hear leads being picked up - yay, time for a walk, where to today I wonder.

13.30 update

Tut, tut, tut - the cheek of some dogs!

Actually much of the above is true - Sisko does seem a little home sick, though she enjoys her walks, her food and attention we give her - Smuu, sorry, Shadow, is again by my side and Kiva and Mylo (who DO know how to use a dogflap) are outside.

We have just returned from our 4 mile walk across the fields - the dogs are sleeping and I am trying to put my arms back into their sockets after being hauled across the field in pursuit of a herd of deer. If anyone else whom we meet asks "are you going to get a sled?" I shall probably scream - though the 4 of them are, I am sure, more than capable of saving me a fortune in fuel (btw, thanks for the increase in duty, grrr).

The lappycam won't be showing at 20.00 this evening as I shall be watching Spurs beat Watford, so please check it out at 19.00 - you need an MSN account to do so, just add, to request a viewing.

Must dash - time to make some liver cake.

Lappy days

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