Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mylo regains control

Damn, that bitch Sisko is smart (I would say cute too, but as I am an emasculated Fat Bstard [ty Mary for the nickname that won't go away] what would I know?). Anyway I have taken the magic box away from her and I am now in control.

Life is good - I am sharing my home with 3 sexy bitches - Smuu, cute and cuddly, Sisko - oh, so standoffish, and the delightful (grr) Kiva - oh yes, and 2 black pussies.

My guvnor - Simon, has been so caring to our guests, he seems to always put them first, but I know that I am his mane (as in main for those that are a tad slow) man and he still loves me to bits - these 2 bitches will soon be gone, and then I am king...

.... ooops, he's back - yap, yap

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