Thursday, 4 December 2008

Pictues say thousands of words

Apologies for Mylo's words - though they were quite amusing.

A walk first thing this morning sees all of the dogs relaxed, yes Smuu is next to me as usual, Kiva on one of the sofas, Sisko in the kitchen and Mylo in his shed, sorry, kennel. Breakfast was served - Smuu and Sisko are so patient waiting for their rabbit food to soak - though Mylo declined his - no bad thing as he does need to lose some weight.

Talking of food - the 2 pictures below show the 4 of them enjoying their evening meal - and what a feast it was; liver, gravy, pasta, cauliflower cheese, brussel sprouts, cabbage, swede and carrots and some kibble. being good girls Smuu and Sisko just had the vegetarian option - honest ;-)

The evening was again relaxed, though I did get a little excited when Spurs won, with the dogs all settled down well. Kiva decided that she wanted to try out Smuu and Sisko's bed - shame that Smuu was in it at the time.

Do my ears look big in this?

However Sisko soon took back her bed and she and Smuu settled down for the evening.

Well, at least until I joined them.

And, just so he doesn't feel left out - here's one of Mylo looking at a picture of my grandson Oliver

More to follow soon, as always, lappy days.


Cats - why is it that the 4 dogs here get on fine with our 2 cats yet every cat taht they see when out for a walk is fair game? Damn, these dogs can pull.

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