Friday, 5 December 2008

Thank Dog It's Friday

Neil Allen; a fellow lappy owner, recently started a new Facebook craze - pick up a book, turn to page 56 and type the 5th sentence into your Facebook Profile - all rather weird but, a tad amusing.

I picked up the first book to hand, Cesar Millan's "Be The Pack Leader" - my sentence being; "Wilshire instantly won the hearts ot the 45 firemen at this landmark station, but the humans definitely didn't win his respect at first." I wonder if these dogs respect me yet?

I also wondered what would happen if I carried out the same exercise with a dictionary;

Calm (adj) Not disturbed, agitated or excited.

Quite apposite as that is exactly what it it is here, well most of the time. The 4 dogs coexist in a state of harmony - there is no 4 legged pack leader though each knows their place and has their own distinct character;

The matriarch, happy as long as she is next to me and given the odd stroke or two.
Tolerant of all those around her though quite prepared to let Kiva know that sometimes her attentions are unwanted - a growl soon sees Kiva back off. After 5 days with us she is now more than happy to leave the kitchen and join us in the lounge - preferably on a sofa.
Can I play with you, please, please, pretty please - OK, I'll go and play with Mylo instead.
Mr Chill - well apart from when the postman calls, someone walks past the gate or when the front door is knocked - other than that he is more than happy to share his space with Smuu, Sisko or Kiva.

Today sees blue sky and sunshine - perfect weather for a walk across the fields ...

Oh well - almost perfect weather - the cold spell meant that the ground was still pretty icy - great when walking over the fields, less so when on paths. Four lappies can pull when in the mood to do so and today was no exception when they all decided to head off in pursuit of a pheasant. The result; me on my backside - the command "stay" saw Smuu and Sisko do exactly that - Mylo and Kiva came to make sure I was OK - wet tongues are a great remedy.

No harm done, well apart from a bruised bum - the area where we were was fully fenced, so no fear of the dogs getting away - so they were fine. So off we headed home, the dogs none the wiser.

Half and hour after arriving home, the dogs now dry, they decided to join me at my desk.

Well, apart from Sisko who prefered the coolness of the kitchen floor.

More later - lappy days

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